As home to over 100 disciplines in 13 colleges and schools, the University of Saskatchewan has experts in a variety of areas related to the Olympic Games.

The Politics of Sport

Expert: David McGrane – assistant professor, Department of Political Studies at St. Thomas More College
Contact: (306) 966-8924 or

The Marketing of the Olympics

Expert: William Buschert – professor, Departments of Religious Studies and Political Studies in the College of Arts and Science
Contact: (306)966-6955 or

The Successful Comebacks

Expert: Rhonda Shishkin – head therapist, Huskie Athletics in the College of Kinesiology
Contact: (306)966-8519 or

The Ouch Factor

Expert: Elizabeth Harrison – associate dean, physical therapy and interprofessional health sciences education for the School of Physical Therapy in the College of Medicine
Contact: (306)966-6575 or

The Olympic City

Expert: James Nolan – associate professor, Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources
Contact: (306)966-8412 or

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