Devin's Diary: Day Six
Feb 26th 4:47 PM
Olympic Blog 4On Tuesday of this week, our last full day at the games, we had no event tickets in ha...

Devin's Diary: Day Five
Feb 23rd 12:07 PM
This morning, we let the highs and lows of the Olympic weekend drift away as we explored the parks a...

Devin's Diary: Day Four
Feb 23rd 12:06 PM
Our fourth and fifth days in Vancouver presented a much more relaxed Olympic experience. While Sunda...


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As home to over 100 disciplines in 13 colleges and schools, the University of Saskatchewan has experts in a variety of areas related to the Olympic Games.

David McGrane - The Politics of Sport
William Buschert - The Marketing of the Olympics
Rhonda Shishkin - The Successful Comebacks

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Alumni Stories

Over 141,000 people have received degrees, diplomas and certificates from the University of Saskatchewan, and a number of alumni have known the thrill of competing at the Olympics and Paralympics.

Lyndon Rush and Ken Kotyk
Jack Poole
Kelsie Hendry

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