Teaching, Learning and the Student Experience

Learning Outcomes

In progress

According to the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) Learning Charter(2010), achieving the learning vision and goals to which we aspire requires the active commitment of students, instructors, and the institution. In the Third Integrated Plan, Promise and Potential, we have set the goal of having defined learning outcomes for all undergraduate and graduate programs by 2016. Considerable activity designed to reach this goal was undertaken in 2012-13. In its first full year of operation at the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness, the Curriculum Development Group worked with 12 colleges, 3 schools, 46 departments and the Library on aspects of curriculum development and instructional design. Learning outcomes in professional colleges are closely tied to accreditation requirements. Program- and college-level learning goals (also called learning assurances, degree expectations) are evident in all of the direct entry colleges (Agriculture and Bioresources, Arts and Science, Edwards School of Business, Engineering, Kinesiology). Similarly, the College of Graduate Studies and Research has established learning outcomes for each of the four graduate degrees (PGD, PGDSC, Master’s, and Doctoral). There is clear alignment and overlap between the articulation of program-level learning goals within colleges and the core goals outlined in the Learning Charter. Work in moving from a higher level of goals to learning outcomes at the departmental level (where appropriate) continues. Some colleges (e.g. Engineering and Arts and Science), have advanced to the stage of creating and piloting assessment rubrics for the purpose of evaluating whether learning outcomes are being achieved.