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Campus Sustainability

U of S Rating on STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System)

2015 University of Saskatchewan Overall STARS Rating Bronze
Campus Sustainability
*Please note: University of British Columbia data is from 2011. McGill University data is from 2012. University of Ottawa and University of Calgary data is from 2013. Laval, Western and University of Alberta data is from 2014. University of Saskatchewan and Dalhousie data is from 2015.
STARS Categories Total Possible Credits U of S Category Score
Education and Research 58.00 40.00%
Operations 69.00 30.25%
Planning, Administration and Engagement 73.00 48.89%
Category Average 66.67 39.88%
Innovation Credits 4.00 4.00
Overall Score
= Category Average + Innovation Credits
69.97 43.88