New Paper on Land-use Change"Land-use Change in Australia and the Kyoto Protocol"by Dr Clive Hamilton, Exective Director, The Australia Institute and Visiting Fellow, Graduate Program in Public Policy, Australian National University.Abstract: In the dying hours of the Kyoto Climate Change Conference, the world's negotiators agreed to include in the Protocol what is now known as the 'Australia Clause'.  This clause permits Australia to include net emissions from land-use change in its base year emissions.  It is now apparent that this clause opens a large loop-hole in the Protocol that only one Annex 1 country can exploit.  However, the clause has major implications for developing countries when their turn comes to adopt targets.This paper uses the official greenhouse gas inventories to describe Australia's comprehensive emissions picture for the first time.  It considers likely paths for emissions from land-use change and concludes that Australia's fossil emissions will be able to increase by 26% over 1990 levels while Australia still meets its 8% Kyoto Protocol target for 2008-2012.The paper may be read at the website of The Australia

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