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General Energy Data

This database represent a limited list of farm energy use data that has been collected from a number of articles or files received at the centre.

A Report of Branch Lines Abandonment

Agricultural Systems (These are the class notes from Agricultural Systems 201(3) class taught at the University of Saskatchewan.)

Agridata (The Centre has aquired a number of energy-related documents which could not be scanned into a Home page)

Average Unit Operations Fuel Consumption Rates - All Farms (1985 - 1986) From the Enerdemo Project

Energy Use In Agriculture By Regions (natural gas, electricity and refined petroleum)

Farm Expenses (1961 - 1993) for Saskatchewan

Farm Machinery Sales For 1989 to 1992

Farm Operating Expenses For 1986

Farm Operating Expenses For 1984 to 1992

Farming Systems Definition From the Enerdemo Project

Fuel Use On Farm From The Enerdemo Project

General Energy Data

Relative Energy Cost Farm From The Enerdemo Project

Stats Canada Energy Data (The availability of this data is subject to payment of a fee to Statistics Canada)

Unit Operations Fuel Consumption Rates Per Soil Zones and Selected Examples of Potential Fuel Savings Actions (Enerdemo Project Farms from 1985 to 1986)

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