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Private investment in advanced technologies to reduce greenhouse gas

emissions will have to play an essential role in addressing the problem of

global climate change. The new World Resources Institute publication --

"Private Financing for Global Environmental Initiatives: Can the Climate

Convention's "Joint Implementation" Pave the Way?"


-- examines the role Joint Implementation of global greenhouse gas

reductions plays as a prototype for North/South and public/private

partnerships in answering a broad array of global environmental


So far, private finance for carbon offsets in developing countries has

been scarce. Only a handful of projects have been implemented. The

reason is simple. Joint Implementation projects in a voluntary system

combine substantial risks with low financial returns. Nevertheless, the

potential benefits in terms of practical experience and increased trust

between North and South are substantial. Authors Peter Zollinger and

Roger Dower provide a comprehensive overview of all the concrete

steps and measures that governments (whether investors or hosts),

multilateral development banks, and industry can take to make

finance for Joint Implementation experiments practical and available.

We welcome your comments and links to our site.

Laura Lee S. Dooley

Associate, Policy Affairs

World Resources Institute



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