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U.N. Environmental Program. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. IPCC Second Assessment Synthesis of Scientific-Technical Information Relevant to Interpreting Article 2 of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, 1995 and Summaries for Policymakers of Working Groups I, II, and III of the IPCC 1995. IPCC Secretariat [WMO], Geneva, Switzerland.December 1995. var. pag.

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CRS Issue Brief

CRS Issue Brief 97057: Global climate change: Market-based strategies to reduce greenhouse gases, by Larry B. Parker.

CRS Reports

CRS Report 94-816. Climate change: Three policy perspectives, by Larry Parker and John Blodgett.

CRS Report 94-404. Climate change action plans, by Larry B. Parker and John E. Blodgett.

CRS Report 96-699. Global climate change: Adequacy of commitments under the U.N. Framework Convention and the BerlinMandate, by Wayne A. Morrissey.

CRS Report 97-1000 (pdf). Global climate change treaty: Negotiations and related issues, by Susan R. Fletcher.

CRS Report 97-1017. Industrial energy intensiveness and energy costs in the context of climate change policy, by Bernard Gelb.

CRS Report 98-2 (pdf). Global climate change treaty: Summary of the Kyoto Protocol, by Susan R. Fletcher.

CRS Report 98-193. Global climate change: The energy tax incentives in the President's FY1999 budget, by Salvatore Lazzari.

CRS Report 98-235. Global climate change: Reducing greenhouse gases -- how much from what baseline?, by Larry Parker andJohn Blodgett.