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Ethanol Page

      Biomass energy
Ethanol, the most widely used biofuel, is made by fermenting biomass in a process
similar to brewing beer. Currently, most of the 1.5 billion gallons of ethanol used in the U.S. each
year is made from corn and blended with gasoline to improve vehicle performance and reduce air
Petro-Canada test-drives 'green gas' : Oil giant signs deal with Ottawa biotech firm to produce gas
from waste at Hunt Club refinery.
      North Dakota corn growers
The benefits of ethanol include increased energy security, reduced agricultural program costs, and
cleaner air. Other links include: Ethanol and the Environment, Using Ethanol in Engines, Reducing
Dependence on Foreign Oil, The Economics of Ethanol, Ethanol Powered Vanguard Squadron,
Ethanol Facts at Your Fingertips, South Dakota Ethanol Fueling Stations, The American Coalition
for Ethanol.
      Office of Fuels Development (Biofuels Program)
Bioethanol: Ethanol is the most widely used biofuel today. Ethanol is used to increase octane and improve the emissions quality of gasoline.
The Commercial Alcohol's [Chatham] Project
The Chatham plant is located in Ontario and is producing 150 million liters of ethanol per year. This plant utilizes corn to produce alcohol (ethanol). They supply the Canadian and North East US
market. The major steps in this type of  process are outlined, and two co-products created in the production of alcohol are mentioned. This page also provides links to: News, Quebec Fuel Ethanol and related sites.
      American Coalition for Ethanol
Links to: ethanol studies, ethanol racing, ace publications, e85 info, ethanol info, buy ethanol, ethanol plant builders, and other links. (ACE Page links)
      Governor's Ethanol Coalition
There goal is to increase ethanol use, decrease imports, and improve the environment and economy. This web site provides many links to information pertaining to ethanol.
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
This Canadian green fuels home page provides new information and links to ethanol. These links lead to information sheets and fact sheets about ethanol in Canada.
      Renewable Fuel Association
RFA provides may links that include ethanol. Some of the links provided are: What's New, Press Releases, Technical reports, General information, Ethanol report and quiz.
      Office of Transportation Technologies (U.S.)
This page provides information covering many topics regarding transportation. Through a search for ethanol, 183 results were found. Go directly to the ethanol results.
      U.S. Department of Energy
The Department of Energy is a leading science and technology agency whose research supports our nation's energy security, national security and environmental quality. Through a search for ethanol at this web site, 177 results were found.
      What's New in the Renewable Fuels Industry?
This page provides many fuel ethanol links. New developments in Canada and the U.S. are advertised.
      Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Scientists and engineers at ORNL conduct basic and applied research and development to create scientific knowledge and technological solutions that strengthen the nation's leadership in key areas of science; increase the availability of clean, abundant energy; restore and protect the environment; and contribute to national security.   Through a search for ethanol at this web site, 265 results were found.
      Bioenergy Information Network Site Map
Shortcuts to information housed on this server or maintained by the BFDP.
Paper by Ewen Coxworth and Andre Hucq
The Economics of Biofuels discuses the use of biofuels in reducing Greenhouse Gasses. In this paper there is a section that discusses Ethanol Bio-Refineries.
      The U.S. Department of Energy's National Biofuels Program
Biofuels: For sustainable Transportation. Through a search for ethanol at this web site, 291 results were found. Go directly to the ethanol results.
      Agriculture Research Service Press Release
USDA Researches Improved Ethanol Yield from Corn.
      The Carbohydrate Economy Clearinghouse
CEC provides up-to-date information spanning all facets of the carbohydrate economy. Through a search for ethanol at this web site, ethanol related topics were found on events, companies, headlines, library, related sites and resources.
Ontario Corn Producers
This site has over 160 pages of information about corn and corn farming. Through a search for ethanol at this web site, 22 results were found. Go directly to the ethanol results. Also by checking WHAT'S NEW just below, by scrolling down through the rest of this Home Page, or by selecting web
features in the following pull-down menus, there are other links to ethanol.
International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), GHG Accounting, and Agriculture (Andre Hucq)
      Ohio Corn World
This site discusses the use of corn in the production of ethanol.
      Distilleries and Fuel Ethanol Plants Worldwide 
Worldwide links to webpages of distilleries, fuel-ethanol plants and related companies.
      Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company
Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company (CVEC) is a 15 million gallon a year dry mill ethanol located in Benson, Minnesota. The plant will process approximately 6 million bushels of locally grown corn per year and will produce 50,000 tons per year of Distiller's Dried Grains and Soluble co-product.
Pound-Maker Adventures Ltd
Pound-Maker Adventures Ltd. Canada's First Integrated Feedlot/Fuel Ethanol Facility General
Information Pound-Maker Feeders Ltd. was established in 1970 with a feedlot capacity of 4,000 head.
Seaway Grain Processors, Inc.
This is a site from Cornwall, Ont. that provides information about ethanol.
      Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne National Laboratory is one of the U.S. Department of Energy's largest research centers. Through a search for ethanol at this web site, 231 results were found. Go directly to the ethanol results.
canada1.gif (113 bytes) Estimating the Net Energy Value of Ethanol
Paper by: Sandra Hadersbeck and Faycel Haggui.
      Kansas Corn Growers Association
This web site contains a link to environmental issus with a document entitled: Q&A On E-85 (Ethanol-Powered) Cars.
canada1.gif (113 bytes) Ethanol Plants in Canada
Provides information About the Mohawk Oil Company Ltd. in Minnedosa Manitoba, PoundMaker in Lanigan Saskatchewan, Commercial Alcohols in Tiverton Ontario, and API Grain Processors in Red Deer Alberta,


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