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The report, U.S. Methane Emissions 1990 - 2020: Inventories,Projections, and Opportunities for Reductions, is available at http://www.epa.gov/ghginfo/new.htm

In addition, the annual U.S. inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and sinks (1990-1997) can be found on the Internet athttp://www.epa.gov/globalwarming/inventory\

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Francisco C. de la ChesnayeEnvironmental Economist

Climate Protection Div., US EPA

Suncor Energy Inc. and Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. of Syracuse, N.Y., yesterday completed one of the world's first cross-border emission reduction trades. The trade involving Suncor's purchase of 100,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emission reductions from Niagara Mohawk was registered with the Environmental Resources Trust (ERT), U.S. non-profit organization.CONTACT: Niagara Mohawk: Kerry Burns, 315-428-5266; Suncor Energy:Gordon Lambert, 403-269-8720; or Environmental Resources Trust: Joe Goffman, 202-387-3500 ext. 119.For Full Text and Graphics Visit:







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