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  "The Ethanol Industry: An Internet Search." A Report by Ms.Perepelitza
New Report on Energy Use in Agriculture in Canada, 2001
  Report for Monsanto: Reduced Tillage Economic Impact
  Descriptive Analysis of On-Farm Energy Use in Canada. The data attachments to this file can be found here.
A Descriptive Study of Energy Use in the Hog Industry in Canada
  Direct Energy Use in Agriculture - Separation by Farm Type and Location
  A Descriptive Analysis of energy consumption in the agriculture and food sector in Canada
  "A Market for Emission Reduction Credits in Western Canada" CSALE Occasional Paper #8 by Cynthia Edwards
Sub Sectors in Canadian Agriculture
Agricultural Equipment in Canada. The data attachments for this report can be found here.
  "Rural Development and Short Haul Rail Lines"
  "Kyoto Protocol: Some Effects on Agriculture" by Chantelle Washenfelder
  "A Comparative Study of Energy Use in Hog Barns on the Prairies."A study by Mohammad Khakbazan
  "Biogas Digesters." A Draft Report by Chantelle Washenfelder
  "The Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation: Effect on Prairie Agriculture." A Draft Report by Ljubisa Spasic.

Report Number 1, 1995

An Assessment of the Existing Information on Agricultural Energy Use in Canada, and New Data Collection Strategy.  Volumes I and II.


Report Number 2, 1995


Inventory of Databases on Agricultural Energy Use in Canada.


Report Number 3, 1995


A Bibliography of Agricultural Energy Use.


Report Number 4, 1995


Energy and Non-Energy Input Substitution in Agriculture:  A Case Study of the Prairie Provinces.


Report Number 5, 1995


The Impacts of Energy Taxes on CO2 Emissions and Farm Income in Prairie Agriculture.


Report Number 1, 1996


The Impacts of the Removal of Farm Fuel Tax Rebates on Emissions and Farm Income in Central Canadian Agriculture.

Report Number 1, 1997


A Bibliography of Agricultural Energy Use.


Note:  These publications can be obtained from the Department of Agriculture Economics on a cost recovery basis.  If you wish to obtain copies of these reports please write to:

Debbie Stefaniuk

Department of Agricultural Economics

University of Saskatchewan

Agriculture Building, R.3D34

51 Campus Drive

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

S7N 5A8

Phone:  (306) 966-4041     Fax:  (406) 966-8413

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