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Report No. 3/95

A Bibliography of Agricultural Energy Use.  By Richard White. June 1995, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Preparing an inventory of information on agricultural energy use was one of the requirements in CAEEDAC's 1994/95 contract.  CAEEDAC staff conducted searches for two types of information; a search for statistical data and a search for publications and unpublished working papers pertinent to agricultural energy use.  CAEEDAC Report No. 2/95 provides an inventory of existing databases.  This report provides a bibliography of published and unpublished studies on agricultural energy use.  The search for information on both types is an on-going process and this report should not be viewed as a complete list of the literature available on agricultural energy use.  In an area that is of interest to an interdisciplinary group of researchers and policy makers, constant change and expansion is taking place.  Some omissions are therefore inevitable.

This report has been organized in two parts.  Section 1 lists studies and information on agricultural energy use that have been forthcoming from Canadian researchers and institutions.  Section 2 has references on non-Canadian studies.

The information in this bibliography is gathered from the following sources:

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