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Welcome to the Vegetable Program at the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Saskatchewan.

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What's New!

Results from 2013 Vegetable Cultivar and Cultural Trial

Hydroponic Lettuce Production


Cover Crops for Row Middles in Widely Spaced Vegetable Crops

Asparagus Cultivar Trials


Onion Trials

Evaluation of Onion Herbicides

Maleic Hydrazide for Sprouting Storage in Onions

Fungicides for Control of Decay in Onions

Integrated Pest Management Program for Root Maggots in Rutabaga

Nitrogen Fertilizer Response in Potatoes

Powdery Mildew and Pumpkins


Late Blight in 2012

The Vegetable Program at the University of Saskatchewan seeks to provide commercial and hobby producers of Saskatchewan with up to date, locally relevant, production, handling, and marketing information.

Recommended Vegetable Cultivars

Based on UofS trials from 1989-2012

Vegetable Research
Vegetable variety trials are conducted annually by the Vegetable Program to supply Saskatchewan vegetable growers with information specific to local growing conditions. Search recommended varieties or the vegetable database for top performing varieties. Cultural trials address other areas of growers needs.

Potato Research
The Vegetable Program conducts potato variety trials, evaluates newly released varieties, and looks at other aspects of the agronomy of table and seed potatoes.

Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Research
Promotion and utilization of medicinal and spice crops are evaluated by the Vegetable Program to help Saskatchewan producers diversify.

Hort - Bytes
A compilation of short summaries of research papers of potential interest to growers.

Fact Sheets
Resources for growers developed by the Vegetable Program and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture that focus on production and post harvest, pest management, and marketing.

Journal Articles
A collection of published scientific articles related to work performed by the Vegetable Program.

Presentations developed for conferences and various grower groups around the province of Saskatchewan, designed to promote grower and industry education.

Student Contributions
Students majoring in Horticulture in the Department of Plant Sciences conduct experiements and interpret results as a practical component of their education. Some of their work is highlighted in this section.

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For more information:

Current copies of the Vegetable Cultivar and Cultural Trials, or more detailed results on any trial or research program may be obtained by contacting:


Dr. Doug Waterer
Associate Professor
Department of Plant Sciences
College of Agriculture and Bioresources
Room 2C18, Agriculture Bldg
Phone: 306-966-5860 (office)
306-978-8316 (field)
Fax: 306-966-5015

Justin Schaeffer
Research Assistant
Department of Plant Sciences
College of Agriculture and Bioresources
Room 2C22, Agriculture Bldg
Phone: 306-966-8103 (office)
306-978-8316 (field)

Variety trials, cultural trials, and research projects are made possible by financial support from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, and the Plant Science Department at the University of Saskatchewan. Support from grower co-operators, seed suppliers, and local growers is also greatly appreciated.

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