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Gunther the Garden Gnome Home Page

Gunther the Garden Gnome, the mascot of the Vegetable Program.

Welcome to the home of Gunther the Garden Gnome, the Vegetable Program's diminutive and always cheerful mascot.

NEW! Gunther's newest project has come to fruition. Check out the 2011 Vegetable Cultivar and Cultural Trials.

Many people will never find this page; if you have stumbled upon Gunther's home page you are smarter than the average gnome, lucky as a gnome, or are more computer savvy than most gnomes or people (ie. you are using the best browser money can't buy with the right extensions installed).

Check out Gunther's pictures below or read his action packed story about how he chipped his hat.

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Also, take a peek at Gunther's favourite Gnome-related web pages.

Concerned about the welfare of Gunther and other Garden Gnomes? Please read this disclaimer

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Gunther's Story

An observant person might notice Gunther's hat is chipped, and a curious person might wonder aloud, "I wonder what happened to poor Gunther's hat." Well, to the observant and curious Gunther says, "Hold on to your whiskers, you're in for a treat!"

One warm fall day, some years ago before adopting "Safety First" as his personal motto, Gunther the Garden Gnome was strolling about the potato field amongst the GMO potatoes looking for a snack. Growing weary of finding only fish flavoured potatoes, Gunther snuggled up, as only a garden gnome can, for an afternoon nap inside the sunlit entrance of a weasel burrow. Paying no heed to the signs, or the approaching roar of the tractor indicating potato harvest was underway, Gunther had a satisfying, although far too short, cat-nap.

His awakening was far from satisfying.

In less than a few seconds Gunther was scooped up by the potato harvester shovels, thrown onto a rapidly moving and violently shaking conveyor belt that ended in his entrapment in a round, rotating cage constructed of plastic coated aircraft cables. At the top of the cage's rotation Gunther tumbled, along with large rocks, half-eaten GMO potatoes, and clumps of beautiful sandy loam, onto a slightly slower moving conveyor belt where he was picked up and tossed into the discard chute by a half asleep, moderately bright, summer student hired only for his good looks and irresistable charm.

After a hard landing in the compacted tire tread of the harvester's tractor and regaining his wits, Gunther vowed never to nap without first securing a perimeter with his bright orange safety cones.


Below is a collection of Gunther's favourite web pages.

The Gnome Reserve & Wild Flower Garden
Set amid truly rural countryside this 4 acre Gnome Reserve comprises woodland, stream, 30 yard pond, meadow and garden - home to 1000+ gnomes and pixies, and about 250 labelled species of wild flowers, herbs, grasses and ferns.

Beryl the Gnome
Visit Beryl the Gnome for a collection of wonderful stories and interesting tid-bits from the point of view of a Gnome from the UK, as well as a large, eclectic, collection of Garden Gnome links from around the world. provides Garden Gnome Liberation information and calls to action. We advocate an end to oppressive gardening and freedom for garden gnomes everywhere.

Barga Gnome City - European Gnome Sanctuary
The Town of Barga, in the Province of Lucca in Tuscany, Italy, is proud to announce the first European Gnome Sanctuary. Come one and all !!! All are welcome. Life here is protected, no more small garden prisons, no more torture
This Gnome knows how to have fun!

The Naughty Gnome
These gnomes need to be told to keep their pants on! Great place to buy unique garden gnomes for your garden.


We here at the Vegetable Program fully support the liberation efforts of organizations such as and the European Gnome Sanctuary. Gunther has also been made fully aware of the mandate of these programs, and supports his fellow gnomes worldwide in their difficult quest to acheive their personal freedom. Gunther also wants to ensure his collegues and gnome liberators around the globe that he is happy living in the Horticulture plots at the University of Saskatchewan, and he is staying by his own free will. Nobody controls Gunther and his actions except for Gunther (not since the magnet broke off his shoes, anyway).

We thank you for your concern, and encourage you to continue your liberation efforts (elsewhere).


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