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Vegetable varieties

Vegetable variety trials and recommended varieties.

Vegetable cultivar trials are conducted annually by the Vegetable Program, Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan to supply Saskatchewan's vegetable growers with information on cultivar performance under local growing conditions.

Cultivars are selected for testing based on performance in previous trials, recommendations from other provinces, local growers, industry sources and seed companies. The results compiled in this section are meant to aid growers in selecting cultivars which suit their market and production conditions. The data presented are specific to the prevailing growing conditions and production practices and may not be applicable to all farm sites.



The 2012 VEGETABLE VARIETY AND CULTIVAR TRIALare now available online in PDF format. Visit the 2010 Trials page to see the Vegetable Program's most recent vegetable cultivar evaluations and recommendations.



snap peas recommended variety.Recommended Varieties

The best producing and most reliable vegetable varieties have been selected by the Vegetable Program, based on annual variety trials from 1989 to the present.

variety of pumpkinsVegetable Variety Trials - Sortable Database

All of the variety trial information from 2000 to the present has been compiled into an easy to search database. Open the Variety Trials Sortable Database for detailed information about specific varieties, or for easy comparison of any of the varieties tested by the Vegetable Program.

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The variety trials are made possible by financial support from the Agriculture Development Fund and the Agri-Food Innovation Fund. The support of grower co-operators and suppliers of seed and horticultural products is also appreciated.

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