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Assess the risk of rust

            The main rust hazard area in western Canada is the southeastern part of the prairies. However, this region can expand into western Saskatchewan towards the Alberta border in years of severe epidemics, such as was experienced 1986. Although two thirds of the rust damage was a result of sub-optimal management practices that delayed crop maturity, 1986 clearly demonstrated the need for better rust resistance in winter wheat cultivars. In order to manage this level of risk, at least a moderately susceptible level of resistance is advised for well-managed winter wheat. Where there are known deficiencies in the management package, i.e., late seeding dates, phosphate deficiencies, etc., a higher level of rust resistance should be considered.

A more in depth explanation of factors which affect cultivar yield can be found in
D.B. Fowler and K. Greer. 2003. Web ware for cultivar grain yield evaluation and selection. 8 pages. Soils and Crops Workshop, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
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