Educational Resources

The Museum fosters a love of the humanities, the arts, and archaeology by interpreting the ancient, classical and medieval worlds for adults, children, and students of all ages.

The Museum's resources augment school curricula and offer students experiences outside the classroom. Our educational programs can be tailored to suit University classes, elementary and high school classes, art appreciation groups, and others with an interest in art and archaeology.

Museum Guides to the Collection

The Collection Guide & Coin Guide are free for use in the Museum; guides for temporary exhibits may also be available. Ask at the office if you wish to purchase a copy.

Activity Package

Our Activity Pack contains questions, puzzles, riddles and other fun ways to engage grade-school children with the Museum's collection. Please contact the Museum for further information. Check out our crossword puzzle here!

Multimedia Presentations 

PowerPoint presentations which complement our tours are available for classroom use (we do not have the facilities to show these presentations in the Museum.) Upon request, we'll mail your selections ($5/presentation) to you on a USB key. The three presentations currently available are suitable for children in grades 4-9. They include teacher's notes.

  • The Mythologies of Ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome offers an exploration of the different gods, goddesses, myths, ceremonies, rites, and festivals of ancient religious life.
  • Art, Artists & Architecture in the Ancient World investigates Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Early Christian art from several angles. It discusses art forms, styles and periods of art, and the artists that created the works.
  • Government in the Ancient World is geared towards older students and explains the political systems of Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Medieval world. It discusses the major forms of government, uses ancient/medieval examples to illustrate, and compares them to their modern forms.

Resource Library  

Over 1,000 books make up the Museum Library, which covers subjects relating to archaeology, ancient languages, and Classical, Medieval & Renaissance studies. The library features the Loeb Collection of Greek and Latin authors in translation. The Museum also has an Exhibit Reference File for every piece in the collection.

The Library is available to university students and the general public. Books are for in-Museum use only, but may be photocopied. Library time can be arranged whenever the Museum is open.

3D Tour of the Museum of Antiquities

A 3D tour produced by Media Access & Production (eMAP) of the Museum of Antiquities

Click here for the 3D tour

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