Hands-On History Saturday Crafternoons

On the last Saturday of each month from 2:00-4:00 PM, we will be having a drop-in program with a story and a craft!

The program is developed for kids ages 4 to 9, although older kids are welcome as well.


Crafternoon Dates and Themes 2016-2017

October 29

Story: Athena and Arachne

Craft: Spider Weaving

November 26

Story: Robin Hood

Craft: Robin Hood Craft

No Crafternoon in December

January 28

Story: Cupid and Psyche

Craft: Cupid Arrows and Heart Dreamcatcher

February 25

Story: Thor's Fishing Trip

Craft: Vikings Longboats

March 25

Story: Minerva and Neptune

Craft: Temple Building

April 29

Story: The Story of Osiris, Isis, and Horus

Craft: Egyptian Pyramid and Hieroglyph Craft

May 27

Story: Perseus and Medusa

Craft: Medusa Craft

If you have any questions, please email museum_antiquities@usask.ca.