These sites are valuable sources of information for the study of art and antiquity.

University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan Home Page

Other Galleries and Museums at the U of S

Kenderdine Art Gallery
The University Art Collection and featured exhibits.

University of Saskatchewan Archives
The history of Saskatchewan.

Classical, Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies at the U of S

The History Department at the U of S

The Archaeology Department at the U of S

The Art & Art History Department at the U of S

Museums & Collections

Virtual Museum of Canada
See virtual museum exibits from across the country, including the Museum of Antiquities' September 2004 exhibit, "Greece: Then and Now."

The British Museum Official Website

The Louvre Official Website

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, Oxford
Features collections of Egyptian artifacts, Classical and Medieval sculpture, and the Heberdon Coin Room.

Archaeological Museum at Delphi
Features the magnificent art and architecture of Delphi.

The Acropolis Museum, Athens
An excellent site devoted to the art and architecture of the Parthenon and the Acropolis.

National Archaeological Museum of Athens
The most important archaeological museum in Greece. Its collections bring to life all of the cultures that flourished in Greece.

The Museum at Olympia
Features sculptures from the Pediments of the Temple of Zeus, as well as other sculptures from Olympia.

The Egyptian Museum, Cairo
An excellent collection of images of the artifacts in the Egyptian Museum.

Musei Vaticani
A site devoted to the Vatican Museums, which contains links to pages featuring the sculptures and paintings housed in the museums.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Features a collection of Greek, Roman, and Medieval Art.

Musée de Louvain-la-Neuve Castlisting
Features a listing of all known cast collections worldwide.

Münzkabinett - Online Catalogue
Online catalogue for one of the largest Numismatic Collections in the world.

American Numismatic Society
Museum and reasearch institute devoted to the study of coins from all periods and cultures.

Wildwinds - Ancient Coins
Online database for ancient coins: Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Celtic

Corning Museum of Glass
A museum devoted to ancient and contemporary glass. Also offers education in the art of glassmaking.


The Perseus Project
The Perseus Project is a digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world.

Internet Medieval History Sourcebook
Online sourcebook featuring translations of sources on medieval history.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Online sourcebook featuring translations or ancient historical documents.

Gateway Journal
An online academic journal featuring history-related articles written by graduate students.


Forum Ancient Coins
Rare coins: For your rare coin collection hobby, this is an excellent place to find information about rare ancient coins, and to purchase Roman coins, Greek coins and coins with interesting historical background.