Original Coinage

    Coins are sorted by civilization, then by the issuing ruler, in chronological order. Each ruler has a short biography which will help you place the coins in context.

    Each coin’s entry contains: issuing ruler; denomination; approximate date of issue; diameter in millimetres; descriptions of obverse and reverse imagery; transcriptions of obverse and reverse inscriptions; and photographs of the obverse and reverse.

    The images of each coin are as true to the coin’s actual colouring as possible. However, the images of the coins are not actual size; they are enlarged in order to show detail.

    Abbreviations used in the entries:
    AE = bronze (from the Latin aes)
    AR = silver (from the Latin argentum)
    AV = gold (from the Latin aurum)
    Obv = obverse-the front of a coin (“heads”), usually bearing a portrait
    Rev = reverse-the back of a coin (“tails”), bearing an additional image

    Roman Coinage
    Sassanian Coinage

    To read an introduction to Sassanian coins, click here.