Table Wares

    Glass vessels were widely used for serving food or drink.  While the most common wares were pottery, glass was considered a luxury item and was used more for entertaining and special occasions, just as fine china and crystal are today.  Some scholars have noted that the transparency of glass made food and drink more aesthetically pleasing to the diner.  The Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca (c. 4 BC – 65 AD) remarks that “fruits seem more beautiful than they actually are if they are floating in a glass bowl” (Naturales Quaestiones, I.6.5). The types of glass ware included jugs, plates, bowls and cups.  Larger jugs were often used for serving wines and water, smaller ones for olive oil. Wine cups could be ornate mold-made vessels that resembled similar ones made of silver, or could have the shape of simple beakers of transparent glass.  Bowls and plates came in a variety of decorations and colours.  The richer the colours of the glass, which included greens, blues, purples and pinks, the more luxurious the vessel.



    Cast Bowls