Feature Exhibitions


February 17 to April 21, 2017

Minting a Christian State


The Lewis Chessmen (2016)

The Hanson Collection: Early Islamic Artifacts (2013)


The Minden Collection: Ancient Glass and Artifacts (2012)

Music for the Masses in the Middle Ages (2013)


Masks as Mirrors:
Reflections on Therapeutic Uses of Masks in Ancient Greek and Modern Times (2013)

An exploration of early coins that helped define the new Byzantine capital (2011)
Buildings of The Past:
Scale Models of Ancient Buildings and Monuments (2011)
Optimi Principes:
New acquisitions of Roman Imperial Art Unveiled (2010)
Sex? in the City:
Images of Sexuality in Roman Domestic Space (2009)
Bene Merenti:
Inscriptions from the Roman Catacombs (2008)
Wondrous Print:
Renaissance Books in Saskatchewan Collections (2007)
Oasis: Civilizations of the Desert (2007)
Art of Adornment (2006)
The Stonecarver's Craft (2005)
Greece Then & Now (2003)