Coins of Postumus

Emperor of the Gallic Empire (AD 260-268)

Marcus Cassianius Latinius Postumus was one of the generals who rose up against emperor Gallienus around AD 260. Postumus was successful in his revolt and took control of much of the West--what is now France, Spain, Germany and Britain--forming what is known as the Gallic Empire. The region seceded from the Roman Empire and remained independent for fourteen years. It had its own senate, officials and troops.

Postumus himself was killed by a revolt, that of his own army, in AD 268. The Gallic Empire reverted back to the Roman Empire under the control of the emperor Aurelius in AD 274. While Postumus’ actions had severely harmed the unity of the Empire and the authority of the Emperor, he had successfully preserved the Western provinces against invaders.

AR Antoninianus, Rome
AD 268-269

Bust of Postumus radiate, draped, r.; encircled by <IMP C POSTVMVS> P F AVG

Pax draped, standing l., holding branch in r. hand and transverse sceptre in l. hand; encircled by PA<X AVG>