Coins of Victorinus

Emperor of the Gallic Empire (AD 268-270)

Marcus Piavonius Victorinus ruled Postumus’ Gallic Empire from AD 268 to AD 270. He had been co-consul with Postumus and, after the death of Postumus (and his successor Marius), was declared emperor by the troops of Gaul and Britain, although Hispania at this time rejoined the Roman Empire.

The secessionist empire Victorinus ruled continued to be unstable and portions of it repeatedly tried to return to the Roman Empire. Victorinus had only been on the throne for about two years when he was murdered by one of his own officials, Attitianus.

However, Victorinus’ mother, Victoria, was able to hang onto power after her son’s death. She had him deified and managed to have his governor Tetricus made emperor until the Gallic Empire was lost to Aurelian four years later.

AR Antoninianus, Rome
AD 268-270

Bust of Victorinus radiate, slightly draped, cuirassed r.; encircled by IMP C VICTORINVS P F AVG

Providentia draped, standing l., holding wand in r. hand over globe and cornucopia in l. hand; encircled by PROVIDENTIA AVG