Archaic Greek

replica: from the British Museum, London

date of the original: c. 520-480 BC 

provenance of the original: now in the British Museum, London

description: A small goat. Resin replica; bronze original from the rim of a bronze mixing bowl. Height 7.5 cm, length 13 cm, depth 4 cm.

A decorative object difficult to date, but probably Late Archaic. It is meant to be seen only from one side. This is the reason for omitting the left hind leg, and only a little of its front left leg is shown, while the unseen part is shortened out of proportion. The ancient Greeks, however, did not devote as much attention to animal figures as to human ones, and thus the degree of likeness is never a sure chronological indication, as is also the case here. Considering the decorative function, it is probably not earlier than 500 BC nor later than 450 BC.