replica: from the Louvre, Paris

 date of the original: 3000-2000 BC

provenance of the original: island of Naxos, Cyclades, Aegean Sea

description: Standing female figure. Resin replica; marble original. On base: height 29 cm, width 10.5 cm, depth 3 cm.

This idol is a flatter, tenuous and less undulating figure than this idol. Its contour, the shape of the head and the nose are geometrically stylized with great emphasis.

Incisions replace modelling in many parts. The slender support of the statue, which unlike the abovementioned idol has little depth or mass, offers very limited possibilities for modelling. The general contour is triangular, the lower body merely serving as a trunk for the chest. This reflects a trend towards stylization rather than an intention towards realism.