Head of an Idol


: from the Louvre, Paris

date of the original: 2500-2000 BC

provenance of the original: island of Amorgos, Cyclades, Aegean Sea

description: Head with damage to the right side of face, cheek to chin. Resin replica; marble original. On base: height 33 cm, width 16 cm, depth 4 cm.

The head is of the same period as this idol, and is either a fragment of a larger idol (approximately 140 cm) or an originally separate item.

Like the abovementioned idol, it also demonstrates the economy of means and procedures which were employed in Cycladic sculpture: the nose just suffices to identify a sort of modified oval as a face. Seen from the rear, two miniature ears can have the same function. The eyes and the mouth of these idols were sometimes painted.