The Minden Family

Arthur Minden (1910-1966) journeyed as a child with his family from Zhitormir, then part of the Russian Empire, to Hamilton, Ontario. In 1912, Canada became his home. The first of his family to attend university, he graduated from Osgoode Hall and established a law practice that grew to become a prominent firm (Toronto's Minden Gross LLP was founded in 1950 by Arthur Minden, Edwin J. Pivnick and Morris A. Gross). Well known for his enthusiasm, love of life and the assistance he extended to others, his generous character developed into an active public-spiritedness and in 1954, together with his friend Dr. David Green, he created the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada. Today, The Arthur Minden Pre-Doctoral Fellowship award through Muscular Dystrophy Canada honours him as its co-founder and first president. His leadership qualities were recognized in Toronto's Jewish community and he was asked to lead a study mission to the young country of Israel. During a number of visits he became fascinated with ancient glass from the middle east. In the late 1950s he began this collection. His early death left his wife Beatrice its custodian.

Arthur Minden

Beatrice Minden, née Spiegel (1910-2009) was born in Toronto to immigrant parents and married Arthur Minden in 1934. She shared his exuberance for life, the arts and community involvement. After Arthur's death in 1966, Beatrice, inspired by his enthusiasm for philanthropy, created the Beatrice & Arthur Minden Foundation and offered support to many cultural and medical organizations in Toronto as well as creating scholarships in Toronto and Israel. She survived her husband by almost half a century, passing away in 2009 at close to 100 years old. It was her wish that a suitable home for the collection be found in Canada that would enable continued scholarship and appreciation for this exquisite ancient glass.

Beatrice Minden