replica: from the Louvre, Paris

gift of: Judith Rice Henderson and T.Y. Henderson

date of the original: 125-130 AD

provenance of the original: Unknown; now in the Louvre, Paris

description: Bust to mid-chest including shoulders, draped; mounted on a pedestal. Plaster replica. On base: height 90 cm, width 70 cm, depth 37cm.

The emperor Hadrian (see: Coins of Hadrian)

Hadrian, born in 76 into a Roman family with Spanish connections pursued the standard senatorial career, undertaking both civilian offices and military posts that offered wide experiences. A favorite of Trajan's wife Pompeia Plotina, the two shared a strong philosophic and cultural interest. When Trajan died in 117 without a clear successor in place, the Senate hailed Hadrian as the adopted son of Trajan and thus the next emperor of Rome.

(See also: Livia; Gaius or Lucius Caesar; Hannibal; Trajan.)