Cathy Gunderson

    Cathy Gunderson has held the post of curator of the Museum of Antiquities from 1983-2009 and contributed a wealth of valuable insight and detailed knowledge to the Museum, its visitors and other staff members.

    Cathy has a BA (Honors) in Latin and History and an MA in Roman History, all from the University of Saskatchewan. She has been a sessional lecturer in the Department of Classics teaching Roman Civilization and introductory and second year Latin on and off for 14 years. She was a member of the research team and contributer to Contemporaries of Erasmus (ed. P. Bietenholz and T. Deutscher, Toronto 1985-1988). Cathy has edited for publication Prof. John Porter's Studies in Euripides' Orestes (Leiden 1994) and Prof. Richard Harris' Chorus of Grammars (Toronto 1992), as well as helping in the research for publication of Prof. A. Akkerman's Place and Thought (1998).

    Cathy says Latin is her "abiding passion." She is currently translating a work by the 17th c. non-juror and antiquarian scholar George Hickes. The Dissertatio Epistolaris deals with the study of diplomatic documents, the origins of English names and of the jury system, among other subjects. To help her research, she received a three-year SSHRC grant in the late '80s.