Application Process

  1. At least 3 weeks prior to the expected start date of the experiment, discuss the experimental design and your particular requirements with the ATRF Manager.
  2. At least 2 weeks prior to the expected start date of the experiment, complete and submit an ATRF Submission and Approval Form to the ATRF Manager. 

    This form will require information about the research project and experimental design, water and wastewater treatment needs, University Council on Animal Care and Supply (UCACS) and Biosafety permit numbers, personnel involved in the project, space and equipment needs and a research timetable.  The submission will be reviewed by the ATRF Management Committee. Requests for use of the ATRF for teaching and aquatic organism holding/colonies use the same form, and are handled in the same way as requests for research space.
  3. Upon approval and prior to initiation of the experiment, the primary contact person for the experiment will be sent a start-up package.  This package includes orientation materials and instructions for tank labels and a project binder, which is used to hold all permits, SOPs and emergency contact information for the experiment. At this time, the ATRF Manager will generate ATRF access codes for all personnel involved in the project.
  4. After receiving approval and preferably 1 week prior to the expected start date of the project, the experiment may be set up as previously discussed with the ATRF Manager in the approved location.  Users are responsible for set up, maintenance, cleaning and take down of their experiments.