Important ATRF regulations

  • Users of the ATRF must ensure that University Biosafety, Health and Safety, and CCAC regulations are strictly followed.
  • All users must have successfully completed the University Animal Care course prior to accessing the ATRF.
  • All users are responsible for feeding and care of their aquatic organisms, and cleaning and basic maintenance of their experimental tanks, equipment and surrounding area.
  • All users are responsible for decontaminating and treating any waste water produced as a result of their experiment.
  • A thorough cleaning of research space and materials must be completed within 24 hours of the end date of the experiment.
  • Only authorized personnel are permitted access to the ATRF.  Guests must be given approval to enter the facility by the ATRF Manager.
  • Any equipment or chemicals to be brought into the ATRF must be approved by the ATRF Manager.
  • Extension of the timeline for a current research project must be submitted using a project amendment form to the ATRF Manager in advance of the original end date.
  • Addition of personnel to a current research project requires submission of a project amendment form followed by registration with the ATRF Manager prior to ATRF access.