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The Aquatic Toxicology Research Facility is made up of 4 main rooms. Two of these rooms are for water and waste water treatment. The Culture Room is dedicated to aquatic organism holding and culture and the Exposure Room is specialized for aquatic toxicology research.

Culture Room

This is the main holding area for stocks and colonies of aquatic organisms. It is a chemical-fee room containing warm, cold and reverse osmosis water lines to provide tailored water conditions. User-customized plumbing allows accommodation of desired aquarium arrangement and water delivery. In addition to timed lighting in the main room, an environmental chamber and separate holding areas provide different photoperiod regimes. Specialized equipment and tanks enable further optimization of holding conditions to provide ideal husbandry conditions for any aquatic species.

Exposure Room

This is the main experimental room that permits the use of chemical exposures. The room contains separate experimental areas complete with discrete photoperiod, warm, cold and reverse osmosis water lines to produce the desired water conditions, and three separate sewers for safe disposal and decontamination of contaminated effluent. Flexible plumbing allows the accommodation of novel experimental design. This room also contains an environmental chamber and dry lab space with a fume hood. Additional specialized equipment is available to further customize experimental design and water conditions.

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Seeing the ATRF first-hand and talking over your experimental requirements with the ATRF Manager is essential to designing the best possible study utilizing the full capabilities of this unique facility. The ATRF contains additional specialized research areas and equipment to further optimize your experimental conditions.

Tours of the ATRF are available for interested members of academia, government and industry. Contact Dr. Jason Raine, ATRF Manager to set up your tour.

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