Community Engaged Learning Support

Take your class off-campus

Are you interested in holding a class at Station 20 West or connecting with community partners to strengthen a course? Our Community Engagement Office is here to help assist faculty in building, sustaining and evaluating meaningful teaching and research partnerships. Please contact our office by telephone at (306) 966-1313 or by email at for more information.


Our goal at the new Community Engagement (CE) Office at Station 20 West is to enrich faculty scholarship and student experiences by facilitating partnerships that are driven by community interests, enable the co-creation of knowledge, and produce results that are meaningful to communities themselves.  We aspire to partnerships where community groups participate in the design, implementation, delivery, and evaluation of faculty research and teaching programs; where scholarship is enriched by community engagement and produces results that have real world impact; and where students have opportunities for enriched learning experiences.  

Our office is situated alongside a host of similarly minded co-locators including CHEP Good Food Inc., the Boxcar Café, Quint Development Corporation, the Mothers’ Centre, and two Saskatoon Health Region programs (KidsFirst and Our Neighbourhood Health Centre).  Collectively, the co-locators of Station 20 West endeavour to contribute to social and economic revitalization in Saskatoon and specifically Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods. It also affords partner organizations, the broader community, collaborative opportunities and the benefits of shared facilities and equipment, making the best use of resources.

Offering a Class at Station 20 West

To help start the conversations that could lead to deeper partnerships, the Community Engagement Office invites you to offer one class of your course at Station 20 West. These classes, one every week of regular session, are intended to augment the content of a course by inviting the participation of the wider community in this class and by having faculty and students become more familiar with the Station 20 West space, its values and goals (including those of the Community Engagement Office).

By hosting your class at Station 20 West, and by inviting the wider community to participate in your class, faculty, students, and guests can share in their respective knowledge, wisdom, and insights in a safe and creative space. The focus of the class can benefit by incorporating discussion, small-group work, and other active learning practices that incorporate the perspectives of our wider community.

Classes best suited to being held at Station 20 West will be those that engage with issues of social impact. Classes dealing with local or global topics are welcome.  Of special interest are those that

  • Include appeal for and applicability to the community and to the staff of organizations serving the core neighbourhoods
  • Involve active learning practices such as group discussion, small-group work, critical analysis of a film
  • Highlight a topic that, while integrated into your course, can exist independently for those not in the course
  • Incorporate a focus on shared learning for mutual benefit
  • Encourage critical reflection on normative cultural, economic, and political power structures
  • Seek to explain and problematize power imbalances in society
  • Explore strategies and methodologies for helping communities become healthier

What We Can Offer

The staff at the Community Engagement Office at Station 20 West are poised to make your visiting class successful and worry free. Specifically, our staff, along with trained student facilitators can

  • Provide suggestions on the design of the class
  • Facilitate connections with community partners
  • Provide location and public transit information
  • Make class space bookings and help with set-up including audio and visual equipment
  • Assist with active learning components of the class (facilitate discussion, critical reflection, etc.)
  • Provide a tour of Station 20 West (must be requested in advance)
  • Be a resource for participating students, community members, and faculty
  • Support your course for follow-up or debrief components after the class

A Community Engagement Office staff member will be available for the duration of your class offered at Station 20 West. Should your class run outside of the Community Engagement Office’s regular operating hours, an office staff member will also be available to open, secure, and close the building.

If you would like to explore how your course can include one class offered at Station 20 West next term, and the supports in place to assist the class delivery, please feel welcome to contact our office, by telephone at (306) 966-1313 or by email at