Community Engaged Scholar Discussion Group

Scholarship and Pedagogy of Community Engagement – Monthly Faculty Discussion Group

The faculty engaged discussion group began in January with a group of faculty who met at Station 20 West with a focus on Saskatoon core neighbourhood community engaged teaching and research, and has evolved to encompass community engaged scholarship more broadly. The intent of the discussion group is to help build a sense of community among engaged scholars on campus regardless of discipline.  Each month there is a presentation by a faculty member (or team) on their community engaged research or teaching followed by discussion.  It's our hope that the discussion group provides a forum for scholars to speak to best practices that link community-engaged research and teaching. The meetings of this discussion group alternate between Station 20 West and campus.  If you are among the growing group of University of Saskatchewan scholars interested in and involved with the scholarship and pedagogy of community engagement, please join us for this monthly discussion group.  

  • Scholars interested in presenting to the discussion group on their community engaged scholarship, particularly with an eye to the intersections and integration of community engaged teaching and research/artistic work, are encouraged to contact Lisa Erickson by email at