Here’s a math problem for you: What do you get when you add one math nut to a classroom?

The answer is simple: You get a love of math multiplied and divided by the number of children he teaches.


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Is Your Neighbourhood a Food Swamp?

Before you crunch down on t­hat potato chip or take a bite of that apple, ask yourself the question: Does where I live impact what I eat?  

A team of researchers have gone on to consider this very question in their study: Smart Cities, Healthy Kids: Food Environment. (

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Celebrating One Year of Community Engaged Research & Teaching at Station 20 West

Station 20 West isn’t just bricks and mortar—it’s a building with a story, and that story continues to unfold every day.

Its story begins with a run-down corner of the city beside the railroad tracks at the intersection of 20th Street and Ave L. This spot was occupied by a pawnshop, bar, old warehouse, weeds and two guard dogs, according to one report. It likely would have remained unchanged had it not been for the outcry of voices from the neighbourhood and other city citizens who refused to give up on their goal of something better for the community.

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