ICT Architecture

Our organizing framework for data, applications and technical infrastructure captured in a set of policies, design principles, organizational structures and technology choices to achieve the effective integration of systems, processes and data.

A Blueprint for Integrated Service Delivery

Our ICT strategy is a customer-centered, self-service, any service/anywhere/any time, cross-functional experience. This is made possible by the architecture we have developed in which applications and data sources co-operate. Single-sign-on, for example, is made possible by our architecture. Self-service through web-based applications is part of strategy. Projects, whether central IT projects or projects done by some other unit, are planned and executed in an integrated way. “Vertical applications” are built on “horizontal services.” This enables users to access services in a uniform and consistent manner, employing a familiar interface, without needing to know underlying structural details such as which system does what and which data source contains which information.

ICT Service Architecture diagram