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Beware of Social Media Impersonators

The world of social media is full of possibilities and has changed the way we communicate and obtain information. At the U of S we follow the university's guidelines when using social media accounts (e.g. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) for services around campus. These accounts are created to keep followers up-to-date on important information around the university.... (full story)

New Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice-President, Information and Communications Technology

The university welcomes Mark Roman as the new Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice-President, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) effective March 1, 2014.... (full story)

Today is Data Privacy Day – think before you click

Today Canada, along with many countries around the world, is celebrating Data Privacy Day – an international effort to empower and educate people on the impact technology has on our privacy rights and the importance of controlling our digital footprint and protecting personal information.... (full story) – now free and unlimited for the U of S community

Have you ever wanted to learn new software, design or business skills to enhance your personal or professional goals but don’t have the money for expensive courses? U of S faculty, staff and students now have the opportunity to fully access thousands of unlimited, free tutorials... (full story)

MITS – Personalize your IT services

My IT Services (MITS) is a nifty web application that enables you to personalize your IT information such as: your password, U of S email account and clicker.... (full story)

Kevin Lowey named inaugural member of Blackboard MVP Program

Congratulations to Kevin Lowey of Information and Communications Technology who was named an inaugural member of the Blackboard MVP Program, which recognizes individuals who have established themselves as thought leaders in educational technology by sharing their expertise in Blackboard platforms.... (full story)

Did you know that you have three options for retrieving your NSID password if you forget it?

Sometimes passwords – with their use of symbols, mixed cases, and numbers – can seem less like a security measure and more like torture when it comes to remembering and keeping them all straight.... (full story)

National Cyber Security Awareness Month comes to a close

The end of October brings a close to National Cyber Security Awareness Month—an opportunity to create awareness of cyber security issues and to learn about protecting ourselves. Throughout the month of October we shared our top 10 recommended IT security tips via our Twitter page @ICT_usask.... (full story)

Special feature: Mobile security

Mobile devices, including smart phones, laptops, tablets, USBs, external hard drives and other removable media are convenient and easy to use. They are capable of storing and processing large amounts of information without having a fixed physical location, and they are highly portable. ... (full story)

Special feature: What is phishing and how do we protect ourselves?

Phishing is a cyber-crime where targeted individuals are contacted via email by someone posing as a legitimate institution. These emails may contain links to fake institution websites whose look and feel is identical to the legitimate one. Some of these fake websites are so well done that...... (full story)

CryptoLocker – A threat plaguing Canadian universities

There is a very dangerous and malicious threat attacking Canadian universities known as CryptoLocker. CryptoLocker is malware that arrives attached to an email, usually inside of a zip file and attempts to extort money from computer users. This kind of computer infection can be considered as ransomware.... (full story)

October 2013 - National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber Security Awareness Month takes place each year in October as a joint effort by government and business leaders from across Canada to continue to put into effect better practices and safeguards to combat cyber-crime. ... (full story)

Acting CIO and AVP ICT Appointed

Dr. Rick Bunt, Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice-President, Information and Communications Technology for the last 12.5 years, stepped down at the end of August.... (full story)

Improved PAWS coming in July

There are big changes in store for PAWS, and those changes are much more than skin deep. This July, the university’s web portal will launch a dramatically different layout that will change how the U of S community accesses information and completes online tasks.... (full story)

Going Mobile

The world is going mobile, and the University of Saskatchewan is going mobile with it. In fact, a quick survey of the country’s leading research universities suggests the U of S may be leading the pack when it comes to the mobile accessibility of its homepage, course catalogue, library, events calendar, and more. ... (full story)

New blog on ICT resources for researchers

There’s new support for researchers at the U of S. A new blog featuring news and information about how research can be assisted by computing is now live at (full story)

New PAWS Tab for Employees and New Finance Content

There’s a new tab in PAWS, visible to all faculty and staff, called the Employee tab. If you work at the U of S, you’ll recognize its content from its former location on the Admin Services tab.... (full story)

Ten-Digit Dialing Changes Call-Forwarding, Speed Dialing

Because of the move to 10-digit dialing in Saskatchewan, all 10 digits of a telephone number (area code plus 7-digit phone number) must now be used whenever forwarding a university phone to an external number.... (full story)

TechQual+ Assessment Survey Feb 7-28, 2013

The TechQual+ survey is being run February 7-28, 2013. All faculty and staff, as well as a random sample of students, have been invited to participate in the TechQual+ survey.... (full story)

ICT's Year in Review

When you’re travelling down a highway, it only makes sense to glance in the rear view mirror every now and then. For one thing, it can show you how far you’ve come. And, in 2012, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at the University of Saskatchewan went a long, long way toward ... ... (full story)

Don’t Fall Prey to the “CSIS” Ransomware Virus

Don’t let your computer be held for ransom. A virus known as the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) virus can lock your computer and demand payment. Please be sure not to fall prey to this scam. Infected computers show a pop-up warning message that may claim to come from...... (full story)

Remaining ICT Directors Announced

Monisha Shukla and Chad Coller have been appointed to the positions of Director, ICT Applications and Director, ICT Platform Services, respectively. Effective Friday, June 1st, these appointments complete the leadership team of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) portfolio.Please join us in congratulating Monisha and Chad on their new roles within ICT.... (full story)

2012 Award of Innovation

A team of faculty and staff from our Computer Science department took home a major award at this year’s Saskatoon Association for Business Excellence (SABEX) Awards gala, winning the 2012 Award of Innovation for creating the first university iPhone app in Canada. The project, under the leadership of Chad Jones and Eric Neufeld, led to the founding of CollegeMobile (, a company that creates educational and business apps for smartphones and tablet computers.... (full story)

Reorganization of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) portfolio

A major restructuring of the Information and Communications (ICT) portfolio is underway. The purpose is to provide a more streamlined mode of delivery for central ICT services and a clearer picture of the roles and responsibilities of ICT leadership at the University. The new structure is designed to provide a robust, innovative and supportive ICT environment, focused on enhancing service delivery, client relationships and efficiencies within an organizational structure more in line with nationa... (full story)

Astronomical amount of data travels to the U of S to support space research

Nearly 300 terabytes – the equivalent of about 25 million large phonebooks – of astronomical research data has been copied from the National Research Council’s Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics’ (NRC-HIA) Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC) in Victoria, BC and transferred to Compute Canada/WestGrid storage facilities at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, SK as part of the Canadian Advanced Network for Astronomical Research (CANFAR) project.... (full story)

“All Things Mobile at the U of S” Website Launched

A new website that Kevin Schneider referred to as “All Things Mobile at the U of S” in the November 18 issue of On Campus News has been launched. This site lists and describes the university’s mobile-friendly websites, mobile projects that are in development, and other mobile services.  The site also makes it easy for the U of S community to suggest ideas for iUsask or to volunteer to be on a focus group to improve iUsask.... (full story)

Wireless Network Security

A recent article in the Sheaf drew attention to a matter that's important for all of us to understand, namely that using wireless networks, wherever they are, is a risky proposition. Whether it's in a coffee shop, in a hotel, in an airport, at the university, or even in your own home, we should never assume that our transmissions are secure. Information (such as usernames, passwords and data) travelling over a wireless connection is protected only if it is... (full story)