ICT Leadership and Management

Shari Baraniuk
CIO and Associate Vice-President Information and Communications Technology
Phone: 306-966-8408
Email: shari.baraniuk@usask.ca

Shari Baraniuk

Office of the CIO

                 Christine Hennig
                 Executive Assistant to the CIO and AVP Information and Communications
                 Phone: 306-966-8408
                 Email: christine.hennig@usask.ca

Christine Hennig

ICT Academic and Research Technologies

Chad Coller
Director, ICT Academic and Research Technologies
Phone: 306-966-5605
Email: chad.coller@usask.ca

Chad Coller

              Cam Alexson
              Manager, Academic Technology
              Phone: 306-966-4823

               Jason Hlady
               Manager, Research Computing
               Phone: 306-966-2075
               Email: jason.hlady@usask.ca
ICT Administrative and Data Systems
Monisha Shukla
Director, ICT Administrative and Data Systems
Phone: 306-966-6283
Email: monisha.shukla@usask.ca
Monisha Shukla
               Peter Beug
               Manager, Reporting and Data Services
               Phone: 306-966-1422
               Email: peter.beug@usask.ca
               Kyla Hoffman 
               Acting Manager, Web and Collaboration Systems
               Phone: 306-966-1391
               Email: kyla.hoffman@usask.ca
               Cindy Fisher 
               Project Manager, HR Technology Transformation
               Phone: 306-966-8042
               Email: cindy.fisher@usask.ca 
               Michael Neal
               Manager, Administration Systems: Student, Finance and ACE
               Phone: 306-966-4862
               Email: michael.neal@usask.ca
               Kevin Bitinsky
               Manager, Administration Systems: HR, Facilities and Consumer Services
               Phone: 306-966-4869
               Email: kevin.bitinsky@usask.ca
ICT Client Services
Gary Brunet
Director, ICT Client Services
Phone: 306-966-1644
E-mail: gary.brunet@usask.ca
               Yacob Ghebrai
               Manager, Service Desk and Training
               Phone: 306-966-2790
               Email: yacob.ghebrai@usask.ca
               Dion Sullivan
               Manager, Equipment Services
               Phone: 306-966-2331
               Email: dion.sullivan@usask.ca
               Scott Robson 
               Acting Manager, Unit Support
               Phone: 306-966-2719
               Email: scott.robson@usask.ca
ICT Infrastructure Services
Derick Campbell
Director, ICT Infrastructure Services
Phone: 306-966-7760
Email: derick.campbell@usask.ca
               Kim Baryluk
               Manager, System Administration
               Phone: 306-966-4857
               Email: kim.baryluk@usask.ca
               Dave Scarfe
Manager, Communication and Network Services
               Phone: 306-966-1811

              Jon Titus
               Manager, Database Administration
               Phone: 306-966-1469
               Email: jon.titus@usask.ca

ICT Strategic Services
Glenn Hollinger
Director, Strategic Services
Phone: 306-966-4827
E-mail: glenn.hollinger@usask.ca
Glenn Hollinger
               Scott Findlay
      Manager, Licensing and Acquisitions
               Phone: 306-966-8377
               Email: scott.findlay@usask.ca
               Brad Flavell
      Manager, Project Portfolio Office
               Phone: 306-966-3203
               Email: brad.flavell@usask.ca
               Heather Friesen
          Manager, Finance and Administration
               Phone: 306-966-4836
               E-mail: heather.friesen@usask.ca
               Chris Gaschler
               Enterprise Architect
               Phone: 306-966-3258
               Email: chris.gaschler@usask.ca
               Simone Knapp
               Business Analyst
               Phone: 306-966-1868
               Email: simone.knapp@usask.ca

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