External Partnerships

In addition to on-campus partnerships, ICT participates in regional and national ICT organizations and builds strategic partnerships with external organizations.

Participation in External ICT Organizations

  • SRnet and CANARIE: SRnet provides high-speed, cost-effective network connectivity between the U of S and other provincial research organizations, and CANARIE provides connectivity to Canadian and international research and education networks.
  • Compute Canada
  • WestGrid: the university has participated in building national research infrastructure
  • Canadian Access Federation (eduroam): U of S students and employees can use the Eduroam service to access selected services (e.g. wireless) at other universities using their U of S username and password. Collaborators and guests from other universities can access similar U of S services using their local username and passwords

Partnerships with Other Organizations

  • Saskatoon Health Region: the university’s wireless service is available in the health region facilities
  • Other universities: For example - several Canadian universities who use the Banner student information system, (including the U of S), pooled resources with SunGard to develop a Canadian student financial aid module. The participating universities did not have to purchase the resultant software and receive royalty payments (in the form of credits towards SunGard services) when SunGard sells the software to others.
  • Industry partnerships (e.g. Sungard, BlackBoard, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, IBM): These partnerships reduce university IT cost, provide internship opportunities for students and research opportunities for faculty and graduate students. ITS employees participate in client advisory groups and can influence product development to meet university needs.