ICT Innovation Fund

Innovation is critical to a successful university and ICT innovation is a critical component. The stimulus can arise in any academic or administrative unit but the resulting cost can be an inhibitor to development. The ICT Innovation Fund was established under the control of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to facilitate technological innovation in a coordinated way and establish a source of matching funds to help the originating unit with the cost.

Eligible Costs

The ICT Innovation Fund is intended to leverage other sources of funding that might be available, such as the Academic Priorities Fund, research funds or individual department/unit budgets.

Project costs that would be eligible for ICT Innovation funds include:

  • hardware and software acquisition;
  • analysis and project planning;
  • project management;
  • programming;
  • system integration.

Funds cannot be used to cover any operating costs, including supplies, rent, utilities, support personnel, software maintenance or usage fees, hardware maintenance and renewal, ongoing training, or other ongoing costs.