ICT Innovation Fund Process

The first-ever ICT Innovation Fund competition has been completed. There were 14 proposals submitted from units across the campus and the total amount requested was more than twice what funding was available.

The Advisory Committee met in late March to review the proposals. The Advisory Committee was chaired by Rick Bunt and members included Jim Greer from the University Learning Centre, Jay Wilson from the College of Education, Shari Baraniuk from Financial Services, Ed Pokraka from IT Services and Simone Knapp from the Office of the AVP ICT. After much discussion, funds were allocated to 8 projects.

To ensure sufficient accountability in the use of the ICT Innovation Fund the process will be as follows.

  1. Before funds are allocated to the approved projects, project leaders will need to provide a brief (one to two page) project outline using the ICT Innovation Fund Project Outline form, including project timelines, anticipated expenditures and deliverables. Half the funds that have been set aside for the approved projects will be transferred to the CFOAPAL provided upon receipt of the plan.
  2. The remainder of the funds will be transferred upon receipt of a satisfactory mid-project progress report, using the ICT Innovation Fund Project Mid-term Status Report form. 
  3. Upon completion of approved projects, project leaders will need to submit a final report using the ICT Innovation Fund Project Final Report form. The final report will include a review of deliverables, a statement of benefits to the unit and to the university and a final accounting of the use of the funds provided. 

The results of the various projects will be shared with the Provost’s Committee on Integrated Planning (PCIP) as part of a report on the outcomes from the ICT Innovation Fund.