ICT Innovation Fund Terms Of Reference


The fund will be managed in accordance with the following principles:

  • Requests can come from any campus unit, academic or administrative.
  • Decisions on distribution of funds will be made in accordance with the established ICT governance structure.
  • Priority will be given to initiatives that have campus-wide application.
  • Allocations from the ICT Innovation Fund will be on a one-time basis only.
  • Projects with costs in excess of $500,000 will continue to go through the major projects planning process, with the ICT Innovation Fund as one of the potential sources of funds.
  • The ICT Innovation Fund will not be used to cover any operating costs. These will be the responsibility of the proposing unit.


The ICT Innovation Fund will be under the control of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) since the CIO has executive responsibility for the campus's ICT strategy and associated architecture. As part of the CIO's accountability, an annual report will be presented to PCIP.

Proponents seeking funding from the ICT Innovation Fund will be asked to provide documentation outlining:

  1. The business case for the project, including how it will benefit the unit and the university.
  2. The estimate for resources required, identifying both development and capital costs. The types of costs that would be eligible for ICT Innovation funding are outlined in the Budget section.
  3. The contribution the proponent will be making toward the project. This can take a variety of forms: staff effort, funds, etc.
  4. The plan for funding long-term operating costs. ICT Innovation funds will not be allocated without assurances that operating costs will be covered. Some project proponents may need to do to PCIP for support for their operating costs.

An advisory committee will review proposals and make recommendations for funding.