ICT Portfolio Overview

The CIO and AVP Information and Communications Technology has executive responsibility for information technology on campus and for four reporting units, ICT Applications, ICT Client ServicesICT Platform Services and ICT Security. These units have a number of direct responsibilities. Examples include:

  • ICT Strategy, ICT Architecture, Information Architecture
  • Networks and Servers
  • Core Campus-wide Services (PAWS Campus Portal, E-mail, Calendar, Web Services, Blogs, Wikis, etc.)
  • Administrative Information Systems
  • Data Services (UDW, EBI)
  • Telephones
  • Instructional Support Services
  • Research Support Services
  • Computer Hardware and Software Sales and Support
  • Training
  • ICT Governance and Policy

The CIO and AVP Information and Communications Technology and its units also work collaboratively with other units on campus to ensure the ICT environment meets the needs of the university community. Collaborative initiatives include:

  • Unit/College-based systems and facilities including some of our major campus systems: SiRIUS (SESD), UniFi (FSD), AboutUS (HRD), Library, Advancement, etc.
  • Learning space enhancements (with EMAP and FMD)
  • Research facilities (WestGrid, HPCRF, GIS, etc.)