Portfolio Responsibilities

The responsibilities embodied within the ICT portfolio ensure that our ICT environment meets the needs of the broad university community, that the investments and decisions we make align with the strategic directions of the university and that we appropriately manage risks.

The Provost and Vice President Academic is accountable for the academic mission, including responsibility for the ICT portfolio. As the executive authority for ICT the Chief Information Officer is accountable for the strategy and the architecture, while colleges and administrative units share accountability for planning, implementing and operating the technology, with CIO oversight.

Our ICT strategy is derived from the university’s goals and strategic directions, and our ICT architecture is designed in accordance with the strategy. For example, the goal of improving service to the university community leads to a strategy of increased focus on web-based service delivery. This leads in turn to planning, implementing and, finally, operating the appropriate services (such as PAWS) so that they can be used by the campus community.

Four unit directors report to the CIO/AVP ICT: