TechQual+ Assessment

The TechQual+ survey is conducted every two years. The next survey is planned for February 2015.

TechQual+ Results



Why TechQual+?

TechQual+ is one of the ways ICT uses to measure satisfaction of students, instructors, researchers and employees with the ICT services they receive and to help guide the development of service improvement initiatives. The TechQual+ survey is part of our ongoing benchmarking and service improvement activity and is conducted every two years. It assesses quality by measuring satisfaction with network connectivity and access, technology and technology services, support and training, and the extent to which our services meets the community's needs. All faculty and staff, as well as a random sample of students, are invited to participate in the TechQual+ survey. Information provided in the survey remains confidential and is protected by the Higher Education TechQual+ privacy policy.

If you have comments or questions about the TechQual survey at the U of S, please email For information about the TechQual+ assessment tool, please see