Supporting Mobile Service Delivery

Many have predicted that the mobile device will soon be the primary means of connection to the Internet for most people and market research regarding sales of mobile phones, particularly smartphones, supports this prediction. Demand for access to online services from mobile devices is increasing rapidly. For this reason Mobile Service Delivery has been identified as a priority for the coming years.

The universal popularity of the Internet and the World Wide Web (“the web”) made it possible for us to transform the way we deliver campus services of all kinds from in-person, face-to-face, 9-5 service to online, anywhere, anytime service, enabled by technology that anyone can use.

The web is now the main gateway to the university and its services, including:

  • academic services such as learning management, library searches or lecture capture
  • administrative services such as registration or fee payment
  • information services such as program information, news, schedules or maps

Over the past decade the university worked hard to position itself as a leader in online service delivery through the strategic use of web technology, and we will continue to position the University of Saskatchewan as a leader in delivering institutional services online.

Mobile technologies provide an opportunity to examine how U of S services are being delivered. Easy access to information and services has already changed teaching, learning, research and how people interact with each other. Embracing the mobile revolution for e-learning and service delivery will help extend learning and the student experience beyond the classroom, a growing expectation of students, and will help position the U of S as a leader in delivering institutional services to handheld devices.

Expanding Services Available on Mobile Devices

As we did in our approach to online service development we need to redesign for mobile devices, not just re-format existing services, and we need to be coordinated in both development and delivery of mobile services. iUsask stands as a powerful demonstration of what can be done to deliver services that leverage the special features of mobile devices. Work is underway on a new version of the iUsask app and other mobile development is also in progress across campus.