The following university policies relate to the use of ICT.

  • The Computer Use Policy defines the acceptable use of the University's computing facilities and provides a framework for consistency in computer use procedures and regulations across campus.
  • The Electronic Mail (e-mail) Policy defines the acceptable use of electronic mail (e-mail) at the University, outlines responsibilities involving e-mail for both account holders and service providers, and gives some helpful guidelines for effective practices and processes.
  • The Network Security Policy defines acceptable use of the University network, including what devices can and cannot be connected to it.
  • The Data Management, Data Access and Data Use Policy provides a common basis of understanding of institutional data as a business-critical University resource, and outlines responsibilities associated with use of institutional data and its management by all members of the University community.
  • The purpose of the Use of Materials Protected by Copyright Policy is to define acceptable use of materials protected by copyright (also referred to as "copyright materials"), to outline the responsibilities of all users of copyright materials in all media, and to establish a framework for responsible practice.