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The Sustainable Beef Cattle Systems Research Group conducts research at institutional facilities and also private ranches, feedlots, and farms.

The U of S Beef Cattle Research Unit

The University of Saskatchewan Beef Cattle Research Unit is located along the South Saskatchewan River north of Circle Drive in Saskatoon. The entrance is from Sutherland Drive. This location allows us to intensive cattle feeding in a environmentally conscious manner. Hundreds of walkers, bird watchers, and naturalists use the Meewasin Trail along the riverbank. Every evening many local residents use the off leash dog park just west of the research unit.

During the winter months, approximately 700 cattle are fed here. One half of the unit has cattle sheds to house bulls or cows and calves. In addition to winter nutrition studies, reproductive, genetic, and behavior studies are conducted here. The pens are designed to house 15-30 cattle. A heated barn with weigh scales, ultrasound machine, etc. makes processing of cattle convenient. A feedmill and silage pit are also located on the premises.

Termuende Farm

A 1760 acre farm near Lanigan, Saskatchewan was generously donated to the University of Saskatchewan by the Termuende family. The farm is noted for is round barn. This unit is now managed by the Western Beef Development Centre. A herd of 250-300 cows is calved there each spring. The cows and calves are pastured there.

Extensive grazing studies are conducted, often with additional yearling cattle. Overwintering studies on cow nutrition are conducted in the recently renovated feeding pens.

Goodale Farm

Goodale Farm is located about 20 minutes south of Saskatoon which makes it easily accessible for research. Most of the research there is conducted by faculty at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. There is a 150 head cow herd. The farm includes approximately 2000 acres.

The handling facility is shown above. The barn is equipped for intensive physiology studies, demonstrated by the graduate student drawing blood from a catheterized cow.

Meat Processing Pilot Plant

There is a well equipped meat processing lab on the 3rd floor of the Agriculture Building. This lab includes walk-in freezers and cold-rooms and state of the art equipment for making value added beef products. This is an automated meat tenderizer.

This page is still under construction. Descriptions of other facilites will be added soon.

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