Updated on April 29, 2011

Apotome Fluorescence Microscope

     Make/Model: apotome 1


    Before you start, please note:
    Operating Steps:
  1. Turn on the power switches in the following sequence: HXP120 (only if you need), Colibri control unit, ApoTome (only if you need), microscope power supply, microscope toggle, and computer.  Shutdown sequence will be the opposite.  apotome 2
  2. Enter the Windows by logging on your user name and password, then click the "Axiovision Rel. 4.8" icon to open the software.
  3. Load your specimen slide onto the stage, select appropriate objective lens and focus the point of interest.

  4. To obtain single bright field (BF), DIC or PH image (using transmitted light).

  5. To obtain single fluorescent image (using LED modules).
  6. To obtain single fluorescence image (using HXP120).

  7. To obtain mutiple images or multi-channel images (transmitted light and/or fluorescences) in the format of 2D, Z-stack or time-lapse.
  8. To obtain single or mutiple images with Apotome.
  9. To obtain image with Extended Focus module.
  10. "AutoMeasure" module for image analysis after acquisition either from confocal or apotome microscopes.  Please see tutorial at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr73-1-bavs.